Sunday, 10 February 2013

Ejected ! Dejected ? No !

This lovely image appears to have got me thrown out of one challenge.  Is this a first I wonder?  So as not to offend again, I shall be entering it in only one challenge this week.  So Kenny Ks Krafty Krew - you are my only hope for this weekend's blog entry, but as it is one of Kenny K's images, surely you can't eject me !


  1. My Firefox is acting up again, so let me try this in Google Chrome.

    HAHAHAHA, I can't believe you got kicked out! Sorry, I shouldn't laugh...but that's just too funny! Well, over at the Krew your card is PERFECT for this week's challenge. Fear not, we won't eject you dahling! Thanks for playing with us at Kenny K's Krafty Krew. I have to ask...what is "SWALK"? I've heard of "SWAK"...but what's the "L" for? Long? Lingering? Lacivious? Lurid? Do tell!

  2. Laugh away - it made me giggle once I had got over the horror.
    It's loving.

  3. You got kicked out of a challenge for this? I think it's awesome and tasteful. You don't have to worry about getting kicked off of our challenge at Kenny K's Krafty Krew. Thanks for joining us this week, good luck, and we hope to see you again soon!

  4. This is an awesome Valentine's card! I think any husband/boyfriend would love to get this! When I talked to my husband about a similar incident with another Kenny K image, we had to feel sorry for the husbands of the uber conservative women who are offended by tastefully sexy images:D You have done a beautiful job and thank you for joining the challenge at Kenny K. I hope you don't hesitate to use Kenny K images in the future, they are great images and, frankly, the only ones many of my family members like of all the stamps out there!

  5. Seriously chick! Someone objected to this image!! What is wrong with people, I have used her several times for different challenges and no-one has EVER thrown a wobbly yet, God some people are so touchy eh! Love this though and I'm sure we will have no objections over at the Krew, thanks for taking the time to at least show us your lovely work and good luck, I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
    Take Care

  6. OMG you got kicked out of a challenge?! I've been using these KennyK stamps a lot in challenges recently. I think these stamps are really beautiful, they are so wonderfully drawn and give us crafters a great canvas to work with,. How touchy are some people?! Cx